Woven Image – our partners in Aesthetic Acoustics

The Total Office is proud to introduce Woven Image, our newest partner in the region and manufacturer of high-performance, quality fabrics, and acoustic solutions. 

The Australian manufacturer was established in 1987 after identifying a strong need for design driven textile products. In line with the need for combined functional and aesthetically superior acoustic products and fixtures in the UAE, we’re thrilled to be able to develop and provide solutions that can meet the high design and quality standards for commercial projects in the region. 


Woven Image’s Acoustic Tiles provide an endless stream of design options and configurations that can be created for a number of settings and spaces. Whether it’s to create privacy or to effectively and efficiently control noise in the open-plan office, cafe, lobby, classroom or restaurant, Acoustic Tiles are a designer’s key to achieving the required acoustic function in a space with quality design.
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A landmark product in the Woven Image collection, EchoPanel® is a superior decorative paneling solution with significantly enhanced acoustic qualities and a fabric-like finish.It is the high-quality, high-performance choice for the modern office, restaurant, hotel and residential space. It is durable yet flexible, easy to cut, easy to install and lightweight. EchoPanel® is also a pin-able, self-finishing product, making it an unparalleled choice for use in vertical sections of workstations and the like.
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Stunning space-dividers that offer smart space-delineation features for organising the open-area where acoustics or added privacy is required. Creating using Woven Image’s beautiful and acoustically superior Echopanel range, allowing for a degree of sound privacy as well.
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