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Conflux by Teknion is a comprehensive line of LED lighting with innovative design and technology advancements designed to illuminate architecture and space, work and life.

It aims to offer a pleasing simplicity in modern office environments that creates a positive interactive experience.



Conflux is designed to derive optimal capability from advanced LED technology and distribute light ideal for modern offices. Designed by Carl Gustav Magnusson, Conflux is a lighting solution with multiple uses – desk lamp, floor lamp, and under-shelf lamp.

It is the first LED lamp to use passive infrared (PIR) technology to sense occupancy around the station by accepting the body’s radiant heat, reducing the frequency of “false” shutdowns that frequently occur with sensors that rely on motion. Teknion has incorporated a PIR-based occupancy sensor to determine the interval of time the lamp remains lit after the work area becomes vacant, to save energy. You can disable the sensor in team areas where several users share the light source.

Conflux’s aluminum stem encases a mechanism that allows for smooth adjustment of the light and secure fixing at desired position. Move it up or down; tilt the blade or move it directly above the work at hand. Its height-adjustable stem allows customization of the intensity of light to fit the task and location. The most outstanding feature is the 360° head rotation 5 USB Charger Port which comes standard on Freestanding bases suitable for charging handheld devices. Additionally, you can order the Freestanding bases with the Powermat option for wireless charging.



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