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The design is about as minimal as you can get for an auditorium seat, which makes the JumpSeat really efficient in its use of space. The seat is only four inches deep when closed; this small footprint allows more seating in a smaller space without crowding.


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Inspired by more than 15 awards, Sedia Systems continues to innovate and enhance the JumpSeat product line. The JumpSeat Collection now consists of the JumpSeat, JumpSeat 90 and JumpSeat Wall, and new iterations continue to evolve.


The award-winning JumpSeat provides a compact seating solution for multiple environments within education, corporate and healthcare facilities. The compressive and tensile strength of birch plywood and steel create the chair’s innovative, cantilevered structure.


The JumpSeat 90 combines the innovative features of the JumpSeat with the space-saving benefits of the JumpSeat Wall. Sitting at 90 degrees, the JumpSeat 90 is floor mounted and flush to the wall, making efficient use of its surrounding space.


The award-winning JumpSeat Wall is the perfect chair for space-constrained areas. Its innovative folding mechanism allows the seat to cantilever off the wall, making it ideal for corridors, patient rooms, waiting rooms and other areas where space is at a premium.


Create a multi-functional room by transforming an open event space into a sleek JumpSeat auditorium in a matter of minutes. This engineered system can be installed in under 12” of total height, making it a unique choice to incorporate in any building elevation plan.

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