Magnetic wall

Magnetic Primer

PULL is our high-performing magnetic wallcovering that pairs with CREATE dry erase paint to turn any wall into a magnetic, dry erasable idea platform.

PULL product features:

  • Highly durable; does not ghost or peel
  • Seamless; no gaps for dirt or dust to accumulate
  • Stronger than conventional magnetic paint
  • Integrates well with any décor; any color surface can be achieved
  • Environmentally-responsible, contributes towards LEED certification


A breakthrough magnetic solution, IdeaPaint™ Magnetic Primer delivers up to 2x the magnetic strength of other liquid solutions on the market. It pairs with our White and Clear Dry Erase Paints to turn any wall into a magnetic, erasable idea platform—or, can be simply top coated with latex paint for a magnetic-only surface.

Perfect for commercial or home application. Use with neodymium (aka rare earth) magnets for best performance.

Easy roller application
Smooth texture – no sanding required
Light gray color for easy top coat coverage
Available in 50 and 100 sq. ft. sizes

For best results, IdeaPaint magnetic primer and the PULL system should be used with rare earth magnets, such IdeaPaint brand magnets and other neodymium magnets.

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