Teknion - Monitor Arms - Mast


MAST is the first monitor support arm on the market designed specifically to support today’s workplace requirements while anticipating the next level of technology. A light friction mechanism ensures that arms stop exactly where required.


Created by Designer Carl Gustav Magnusson, MAST sustains aesthetic unity with Teknion furniture and the complies with ergonomic workflow requirements. It is designed to promote healthy working postures and meet user ergonomic requirements.

Ideally, a monitor arm should have focal depth, focal height, tilt angle adjustment and collapse rearward for stowage. Since the user’s eyes control their posture, MAST allows adjustment of visual devices to meet physical needs and comfort preferences regardless of work surfaces.

A model of user-friendly adaptability, MAST supports multiple monitors – large and thin monitors including LED and OLED screens. It accommodates all types and sizes of tablets, allowing workers to use the tablet as an auxiliary monitor off the work surface.

Designed to meet and exceed ergonomic standards and a wide range of adjustability, it promotes healthy postures and user comfort. Additionally, the Dynamic Arm provides full range fingertip height-adjustment to accommodate user height or environmental factors, such as available light. The Hybrid Adjuster mounts to the Manual Arm to provide intuitive casual adjustment of the monitor height. Combining complex engineering and multiple capabilities, it’s a step forward to changing how devices will be integrated into office environments.

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