Moss Wall 2 Living Wall Solutions


Moss walls are ideal for spaces that require greenery but without the maintenance or commitment.


Our Moss living are ideal for spaces that require living plants with almost no maintenance required. It’s imported from Scandinavia and assembled in the UAE. Its sound absorbing characteristics, low maintenance and the standard availability of colors (that do not discolor with time) makes it extremely suitable for interiors. The moss does not contain any harmful or toxic substances, however, direct sunlight must be avoided, as well as poor air humidity.

The moss lives well in low light or no light situations. The plant does not require photostimulation. To ensure optimal maintenance over time, a minimum relative humidity value of 50% must be guaranteed in the environment and the plant should not be placed near air conditioners, fan coils, sunlight or direct heat sources.

Available in 20 standard colours, and the option of custom matching to any Pantone color, it adds great aesthetic value to a space.

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