Moving Walls

Moving Walls

A huge canvas – wherever you need it, easy to write on and equally easy to clean. The Moving Walls are equipped with wheels, making them flexible and easy to move from one room to another. They are also easily cominable, and can be connected in a straight line, in a curve or in a “serpentine line”: Whichever way you join them, there is unlimited space for your plans and ideas.



The WorkWall is the perfect partner for your workplace. The large, dry erasable and magnetic surface will help you to give ideas life. Take the WorkWall with you to keep the ideas flowing from one WorkSpace to the next. The quick setup and the versatile configuration increases the impact of your working sessions while on the road or in you permanent workplace.

The design gives you the freedom to move it around the room, put it into the elevator to change levels or simply roll it into the next meeting room.

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Moving Walls

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