Vertical Garden Living Wall Solution 2

Vertical Gardens


Our full fledged living wall is your comprehensive system to integrate biophilia into your workspace.

Our hardware is designed to be packed flat, ensuring easy shipping. Plants are planted off-site in a clean environment, and the pots are then sent to the site for installation. The pots clip in and out with a very simple connector, giving complete design flexibility in an instant. The system is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Light, environment and weight must be considered when specifying a Vicinity Modular Vertical Garden.

The system is soil-based, which substantially reduces maintenance compared to the common hydroponic vertical garden. Soil can store water for a longer period of time, ensuring the longevity of the plants should there be any system failures. The used water is also collected in the tanks and redistributed throughout the garden. Furthermore, the potand tank components of our system are made from recycled materials.

The unique shape of the pots allows for perfect nesting, ensuring minimal gaps between the plants. The system is controlled by a simple pump and a drip-irrigation system. The water is collected in the tanks and redistributed throughout the garden.

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South Africa