Too Noisy at Work?

  • Noise is considered the number one problem in the office!
  • 53% of workers are distracted by others while trying to focus – Gensler
  • 62% of workers cited noise as the most disturbing aspect of their workplace.
  • 92% of Employees felt their office was too noisy and they could not concentrate.
  • It takes a person approximately 25 minutes to re-focus after distraction or interruptions

Quick Tips on Managing Acoustics


Control noise levels by Policy


Occupant orientation can create a difference of up to 9 Decibels


Design to allow for different modes of work


Reduce the impact of dense spaces in the workplace

Understanding the Basics of Acoustics

Managing Acoustics within a room can be addressed in a multitude of ways. The solution often lies with the problematic frequency rather than a ‘one size fits all’ solution.

  • A – Absorbing sound can be done in a variety of ways, most solutions address the speech frequencies which is usually the reason you are searching for an acoustic solution
  • B – Blocking is usually considered with the use of screens, furniture or walls that cut off direct path of sound
  • C – Covering Sound is a technology solution also referred to as sound masking or white noise. The background sound is raised to make speech in large space unintelligible
  • D –According to inverse-square law, the sound energy drops by 6 DB every time you double the distance from the source.
  • E – Etiquette needs to be observed at all times, the productivity loss from constant distraction costs organizations millions every year.

Acoustic Solutions

Wood Solutions

Wood Solutions are utilized in executive areas to match existing joinery or design intent

Fabric Solutions

These are often found as ceiling baffles or wall cladding in conjunction with acoustic boards to add a touch of color or highlight branding

Living Walls

Nature is the best sound absorber. With our collection of living walls, moss walls and bark walls, integrating nature in design is only a step away.

Acoustic Curtain

While still maintaining an open office, an acoustic curtain can creat a private space instantly