Healthcare Solutions

During their hardest times, keep them comfortable.

We aim to ease and address human needs in healthcare environments, by providing solutions for patients, families as well as medical staff. 

Designed to make healthcare facilities more productive, comfortable and hygienically sound, we offer a range of products.



Giving most importance to


Use furniture with certified anti-allergy materials.

Ease of use

Design your facilities with movable and easy to clean furniture.

Comfort and Care

Provide comfortable seating and resting areas for patients and their loved ones.

Patient Rooms

Patients room furniture solutions revolve around primarily contributing to the hygienic requirements of a medical environment without compromising on the comfort factor.
Designed keeping in mind the comfort and needs of patients and their loved ones, we have a variety of solutions ranging from sofas, chairs, roller blinds to hospital beds and doctor’s stations.

Waiting Areas

Waiting areas and receptions are the most frequented and most populated areas in a healthcare facility and require to be furnished with sustainable, healthcare approved materials in order to provide comfort and care during long hours of waiting.
Designed for providing comfort for long periods of time, while also keeping in mind space limitations and allowing for easy movement, our range is suitable for all.

Doctor’s Office

By providing doctors, nurses and medical staff with premium products, the level of care delivered is enhanced and further enabled.
Keeping ease of operations and productivity enhancement in mind, we provide a range of suitable products ideal for healthcare givers. From writable surfaces to comfortable furniture solutions, our range of healthcare solutions extends to all aspects of the industry.