Glassboards – Write in Style

Frameless Magnetic Glassboards transform your usual meeting and brainstorm areas, serving as both – Visually striking design elements and as function writable surfaces as well.

Clean Lines and concealed mounting offer a contemporary and premium look compared to traditional mounted glassboards, and is a perfect option for private offices and conference rooms.


No Stains. No Ghosting.

Our Glass boards are made from tempered safety glass and is 4 to 5 times stronger than regular whiteboards or normal glass boards. They last as long as your wall does , and you can forget about replacing them, unlike traditional glass or whiteboards.


Sleek tempered glass writable board.

Ease of use

Easy to write on, clean and maintain.


Great for teamwork and brainstorming.


Can be branded and customized.


Clean lines and concealed mounting hardware make the Glassboard Float a great option for private offices, conference rooms and collaborative spaces.

The beautifully smooth Glassboard surface is compatible with any marker and wipes away easily without ever staining or ghosting.
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Flip allows both sides of a Board to be utilized for a heightened design aesthetic and elegant functionality.

Enhance any space with a beautiful mix of Glass Boards on one side and Felt acoustical panels with custom prints, patterns and colors on the other side.
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Go! Mobile

Go! Mobile represents a combination of functionality and innovation – glass excellence with rigid steel construction resulting in a forward thinking architectural solution.

Take your canvas and build a dream collaboration space. Three and four-wheel options, ganging hardware and go! Hubs make it easier than ever to create areas of inspiration and focus.
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